Professor Davoud Shahidi's Notes regarded to a PORTFOLIO.

I can actualize modern ideas through designing equipment element which verses the aesthetics organic shapes used in the ancient Persian collective mental values.

Modern contemporary Iranian architecture is rooted in the historical collective Persian mentality.

The idea is to integrate form and concept.

It is to allocate a harmonious and organized identity to the lifestyle- a perfect geometrical pattern to put together pieces of functional and spatial values of privacy and community neighborhood.

All locally-devised regulations regarding earthquake, fire, safety and other standards of design for vertical circulation cores (staircases and elevators) and shelter, which is expected to be located on the basement floors, must be entirely taken into account. 

For earthquake safety issues, reinforcement of concrete or steel structural systems can be both applicable. However, considering the advantages of the fast construction process and the number of the qualitative issues, tunnel systems or other similar approaches are recommended in order to support the modular, flexible and more creative solutions.

All environmental and ecological issues, i.e. energy safety, passive energy usages etc. should be also seriously taken into account.

نظرات پس از تایید نشان داده خواهند شد.

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